Chanel Eyewear, Sunglasses, Spectacles

Our newest partnership with global fashion house CHANEL has been in the makings for almost 3 years. The brands reputation for being at the forefront of fashion creates an irresistible desire for their products. A desire that is further amplified by their inherent exclusivity. CHANEL specifically selects only a few choice retailers to be authorised dealers for their product line, in order to ensure the brand's reputation is upheld. THE EYE PIECE is proud to now be part of this exclusive family and to be home to the latest collection of CHANEL Eyewear: both Optical and Sunglass frames. 

Showcasing at the minimum of over fifty different styles from the 2020 collection, CHANEL Eyewear boasts elegant shapes in timeless colours. Whether it is an optical frame or pair of sunglasses you desire, a CHANEL frame will no doubt become part of your daily essentials.