For a long time glasses have been: DISTANCE, READING or MULTIFOCAL. For us who have reading glasses, we love having the veil of blurriness lifted off every time we put them on. Multifocal wearers are able to see clearly at all distances and are saved from performing "spectacle arm exercises": constantly taking the glasses on and off. 

Though for some of us, that same relaxing sensation isn't quite there when we use our beloved glasses on the computer screen. The sweet spot on our multifocal is too small, our desktop monitor is slightly too close and there's a feeling of strain on beginning on our neck. What you may not realise is that wearing the wrong type of glasses may be the cause of all this. Unnatural neck postures, sub-optimal computer setups as well as unnecessary straining of the eyes can be solved by wearing a specific OCCUPATIONAL pair of glasses. 

Occupational or office glasses are designed with predominantly reading and computer work in mind. A pair of reading glasses may be too strong for your desktop screen and multifocals may require too much head movement. The modern office is compromised of multiple screens and the requirement to look at different distances: phone/computer/colleagues/presentations. An occupational lens provides a wide field of view for the computer and a large reading area specific for the working distances we require. We can even incorporate some distance vision for situations where you might need need to see beyond your computer screen at a presentation or during a meeting.