The Eye Piece takes pride in partnering with glasses and sunglass brands that offer exceptional style, design and quality. Our Sydney CBD and Wahroonga boutiques house frames which have each been hand selected from leading frame manufacturers around the globe.  


Exclusive eyewear from the leading fashion house for clothing and accessories. The CHANEL eyewear collection further exemplifies this reputation and brings infinite joy to the wearer. 



Incomparably light-weight combined with virtual indestructibility; a range of optical and sunglass frames that has something to offer everyone. Winner of countless product and design awards, LINDBERG frames are for the wearer who makes no compromises in weight, strength or aesthetics. At our Sydney and Wahroonga boutiques, we stock over 50 different LINDBERG models inclusive of the rimless titanium, NOW series, kids, buffalo horn and even the precious18-Karat gold range. Our team also specialises in personalised, made-to-order LINDBERG frames and will be happy to walk you through the customisation process.



Eyewear that is more akin to unique pieces of art rather than a simple tool for vision. These french made frames unapologetically break free from the stereotypes of what glasses should look like. Designed to provide the wearer with the power to express their personality: whether that be bold, carefree, energetic, or independent. Not for the faint hearted, prepare yourselves for explosions of colour, blended textures and ferocious shapes. These frames are for the wearer who chooses to wear glasses, not because they have to. 

Garrett Leight


♫California, knows how to party, California, knows how to party♫. Committed to creating a brand unlike any other – Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is inspired by beauty, fashion, music and architecture. A proud Californian, creator Garrett Leight pays homage to his home in his frame designs, which fit perfectly amongst the Cali sunsets and ocean views. It’s no surprise then, that Sydneysiders have fully embraced the offerings of GLCO, with many of the brand’s understated yet recognisable designs being spotted around our beautiful city. 

MYKITA eywear


Modern streamlined designs using high-end materials, hand assembled in Berlin. MYKITA is recognised to be a true innovator in eyewear. Each frame journey begins and ends at the MYKITA Haus in Berlin where their patented screw-less hinge design was created. Boasting a multitude of collaboration pieces with world-acclaimed designers like: Maison Margiela, Bernhard Willhelm and Damir Doma, MYKITA frames can be seen on the faces of Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. 

Maui Jim


Hawaii: Sun, beach, water: that's where Maui Jim were born. Many sunglasses protect your eyes, but they also darken your view, dimming and fading colour such that we lose detail. Maui Jim’s don’t just shield your eyes from glare and harmful UV, they are designed to enhance the vivid colours around us and filter out all the unwanted glare to give us greater clarity.



American at heart, MOSCOT's beginnings stem from the urban alleys of Brooklyn New York in 1915 as a local family optometrist. The MOSCOT family serviced their local community by providing robust and functional frames. Today, those same frames have become cultural icons. Made from the same designs from back in 1915, these frames will never go out of style. 



The LUNOR vision has always been to make glasses with uncompromising quality, masterful craftsmanship and consistent workmanship. 

Never a brand to care much about logos, they instead pay finer attention to the details. It is in these details which has cemented LUNOR as eyewear connoisseurs who operate under the belief that "Trends come and go. Quality lasts". 

What we're left with, is timeless, well made eyewear fit for even the most detail oriented people: one of which was the late Steve Jobs. Remembered for wearing an understated round rimless pair of glasses, the frame was none other than a Lunor Classic Round. A well sought after piece in the collection. 



Established in rural Japan 1905, in a village city called Fukui. MASUNAGA was initially started to provide jobs and to create an industry for the village people. Today, Fukui is one of the 3 largest cities for optical frame production, along with Italy and China, and now, MASUNAGA’s aim is to make the best possible eyewear. A one stop production facility, meaning that everything is made there with Japanese pure titanium and Japanese acetates so as to ensure that high quality expectations are always met and never compromised, even if production is more expensive. Inspired by the past, designed for today, MASUNAGA's frame quality is unmatched. 


As a company, TRACTION has been around since 1872. initially specialising in the manufacturing of hair ornaments. Over time, the company underwent re-invention and started manufacturing eyewear for different designers from 1930 onwards. It was not until 1989 that after decades of developing innovative processes to produce eyewear, that TRACTION  PRODUCTIONS first utilised their own technical expertise to release their very own in-house eyewear collection. What resulted was eyewear that was stylish and ground-breaking, designed to be ambitious and unique. 

Oliver Peoples.jpg


A brand that has never tried to draw attention with a logo, but rather, on creating a superior product with roots embedded within the culture of LOS ANGELES: fashion, film, art and music. Widely considered a brand with heritage, Oliver Peoples appeals to consumers who appreciate and respect the product and vibe of the brand. From the early days, their frames have been inspired by vintage American-made designs: classic, timeless style in natural tortoise colours, minimal branding and subtle refined details. These vintage aesthetics remain at the heart of the brand's identity. 
Each frame is manufactured using state of the art machinery and most importantly, a human touch.

IC BERLIN, German, Eyewear, Sheet Metal

The original creators of screw-less sheet-metal eyewear. IC! BERLIN has long been an award-winning pioneer for product design and technological achievements in our industry. Operating with a pre-industrial revolution philosophy that our possessions had to be made well and had to last: less is sometimes more. Their frames are made in Berlin, and not by a faceless multinational corporation. Designed for everyone regardless of face shape and personality, the brand caters for all without compromising on functionality and quality: IC! Berlin frames will not become obsolete (Just like our eyes).



For many years now, TOM FORD has been at the forefront of international high fashion. Since 2006, his luxury brand has been the benchmark for luxury goods. It is no surprise then, that Tom Ford Eyewear has become a staple product in the optical industry. Handcrafted in Italy, purposefully designed and exploding with character and detail, Tom Ford glasses are known for their luxury, class and minimalism. Easily recognised by the signature "T logo" on each temple, these frames have a cult following around the world and are now recognised as some of the most iconic styles of eyewear. Think: JAMES BOND. 

DITA, eyewear, quality, craftsmanship

For those who know the brand: i won't need to say much. However, if this is your first encounter with DITA: where should i even start...

A brand that has taken the optical world by storm since 1995, DITA is considered an expert in the design and manufacture of eyewear. Glasses are sometimes judged by a mere glimpse on the shelf rather than being held in our hands. We forget to consider the devotion to research, development and actual construction of each piece. It is only when you place a pair of DITA glasses on your face, that you can truly experience why DITA frames have become the benchmark in the industry. My words will do no justice to the quality of these frames. What are you waiting for: see you in-store.



Here at THE EYE PIECE, we used to think of "titanium" as a grey and boring, but incredibly light and durable material. However, in the hands of our Danish friends: ORGREEN, titanium forms a sleek, minimalistic and elegant aesthetic. Taking advantage of it’s durability and lightness, the material is transformed by hand, through over 100 production steps to create high-end titanium eyewear in a selection of colour combinations.  Applying vibrant colours has always been a challenge with titanium, ORGREEN however, offers 400 different hues paired up on their frames. Designed to last and but not be boring, ORGREEN has adapted to the modern glasses wearer. 

 Anne Et Valentin, French, Paris, France, Colourful, Beautiful

Anne Et Valentin began as a frame retailer in 1981 in Toulouse, France. Here, they realised that there was a huge gap in unique eyewear offerings for their customers. So, they decided to undertake the responsibility to fill that gap themselves. A boutique brand that has now garnered a reputation for creating amazingly beautiful eyewear, Anne Et Valentin frames are audacious in their shapes, coupled with mind-boggling blending of colour. Rest assured, you have not seen frames like these before. WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.


The jeweler of kings, and the king of jewelers. Cartier is the leader in the luxury goods industry. With a legacy to uphold, the reputation of Cartier does not disappoint in their range of optical and sunglass frames. Produced in-house in their eyewear plant south-east of Paris, each frame undergoes stringent manufacturing and quality control processes. Each piece designed to be elegant, timeless and most importantly original. Frequently incorporating rare-earth metals like platinum and gold, Cartier eyewear is designed to last and be passed onto the next generation.  

Barto Perreira, Celebrities, Los Angeles, America, Japan, Craftsmanship

Though considered a "young" brand, having only been established in 2007, it would be a mistake to think that BARTON PERREIRA started with no optical experience or reputation. Creators Bill Barton: ex-president of OLIVER PEOPLES and Patty Perreira: ex-designer for OLIVER PEOPLES, launched their brand straight to the top of the luxury eyewear world. Like many brands, their goal was to craft the best eyewear in the world. However, unlike most other brands: they already knew how to.

Aesthetically clean and modern, created in classic shapes but utilising cutting-edge technology, Barton Perreira frames focus on quality and design, not flashy logos or deceiving marketing gimmicks.

Persol, Italy, Steve Mcqueen, Sunglasses, Eyewear

Italian royalty with a rich history. Established in 1917, PERSOL in Italian: per il sole means: "for the sun". Originally created for pilots and drivers, Persol frames shot to frame on the back of legendary Steve Mcqueen. A Persol frame is characterised by the silver arrow found on each temple, but otherwise, their frames are subtle elegant pieces designed to add character but not draw attention. 

Each Persol frame has a flexible temple which when first released, was the very first spring hinges developed for eyewear. Practical and yet fashionable, Persol is an underrated brand that still stands for classical quality.