Eye tests should be personalised to your specific needs. Each patient that walks through our clinic has their very own unique set of eyes. Here at The Eye Piece, we conduct a series of tests intentionally chosen to address your specific concerns as well as to gather as much information about your eyes as possible. Our goal then, is to translate this information and present it to you so that you are informed about the status of your eyes and how it works. Only then, will we offer suggestions on how we can improve on your quality of eyes and vision. Above all, your eye health will always be the forefront of our priority. 



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All our general eye examinations are bulk billed through medicare. What this means, is that for patients with a valid medicare card, the eye test will be covered by Medicare. Recently, Medicare has changed it's guidelines which stipulate that for patients under 65, they will only cover you for a full comprehensive check every 3 years. We see this as a barrier for the proper management of your eye health, and so, if necessary, we will still conduct a full comprehensive check, regardless of when your last eye test was and whether Medicare reimburses us with the full amount. 

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Our optometrists Addy, Luke and Tae are specially trained and equipped to provide a thorough examination of your eye health. We screen all patients for dry eyes, cataract, glaucoma, macula degeneration as well as a whole range of eye conditions that you may not be aware of. We are also therapeutically endorsed optometrists, meaning that we are able to prescribe antibiotics, steroids and various other eyedrops to help treat infections, inflammation and allergies. If a referral to an eye specialist is necessary, we can also provide recommendations and organise appointments. 


We see contact lenses as a great alternative to glasses, whether as a permanent replacement or occasional use for those special occasions. We understand that contact lenses can be daunting for some patients, but we are determined to patiently explain and walk you through the process. Contact lens technology is always changing and we ensure that we are able to prescribe the latest and most comfortable lenses on the market. Over the years, the technology has also allowed previous ineligible prescriptions to be fitted with contact lenses. Feel free to ask about contact lenses at your next appointment!