FACE à FACE EYEWEAR: Designed to reflect the personality within all of us.

Established in 1995, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, created Face à Face with the goal to create artistic and contemporary eyewear. Eyewear that is more akin to pieces of art. Their design process involves the exploration of different volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give glasses the power to express the personality of their wearer, whether that be bold, carefree, energetic, or independent.

Before each new collection begins, the design team undertakes extensive research into style, production and innovation, resulting in frames enhanced by modern concepts and incorporating the latest in fashion. Renowned for its "Made in France" quality, each frame leaves from the Face à Face finishing centre in the French Jura region.

A Face à Face frame is unlike any other frame you may have seen before. Immediately recognisable due to the bold colours and unique shapes, the brand pushes the boundaries on what glasses can look like. Our go-to brand for a client who wants something unique and different, we love recommending them to a confident glasses-loving individual. These glasses are something you want to wear, not because you have to.

The FACE A FACE 2018 collection

A blend of Art Deco and modern poetry to create sophisticated and delicate designs. Incorporating a soft yet bold colour palette, explosive blue notes combined with rusty earthen colours and fine soft pastels. Within the frames, some exhibit subtle transparent areas to contrast between the colours and create a sense of illusion. The design team has worked to create eyewear with contrasts of colour and materials, each single detail accounted for.

The Eye Piece has received the new collection from FACE A FACE. Visit our boutiques to experience these magically coloured and elaborately shaped frames.