LINDBERG, Buffalo, horn, titanium, glasses, spectacles, eyewear, sydney

Ultrathin buffalo horn front, hand-polished and combined with lightweight titanium temples.

Buffalo horn is a natural material with unique and intricate colour patterns that can't be replicated in an ordinary acetate frame. The depth of colour, natural variation and "feel" of the material forms the charm that goes with this kind of frame Creating a horn frame requires meticulous craftsmanship and time. Each piece is carefully worked in order to fully extract the exquisite appearance and texture. 

The LINDBERG workshop combines 152 in-house processes when working with buffalo horn. True to their ethos: screws, rivets and soldering are done away with, leaving us with a minimalistic design derived from complex materials. The LINDBERG BUFFALO TITANIUM frame features layers of laminated horn to create greater strength and stability. What's important is that these horns are ethically sourced from water buffalos only after the animal is deceased (through natural causes of course). 

The Eye Piece is proud to be one of the few stockists of the LINDBERG BUFFALO TITANIUM RANGE. Stocking several pieces in store, we also frequently cater to custom client orders. 


A custom order allows access to a bespoke frame designed according to your taste and to match your personality

Design options include: 

Horn colour variations

LINDBERG, Buffalo horn, colour variations
LINDBERG, titanium temples, colours

Titanium temple colour choices

Frame shape options

LINDBERG, Buffalo horn, glasses, shapes, eyewear, spectaces
LINDBERG, Buffalo horn, glasses, shapes, eyewear, spectaces

All LINDBERG bespoke orders are also engraved with your own personal message and are presented in a numbered case with unique frame serial number. 

We encourage you to handle these horn frames in person and welcome you to speak to one of our friendly team members, who will be most happy to walk you through the bespoke design process. 

LINDBERG, glasses, eyewear, Royal Danish Court, International design awards
LINDBERG, buffalo horn, eyewear, glasses, spectacles, titanium, denmark, sydney