Moscot Lemtosh Emerald
Moscot Lemtosh Tortoiseshell

It seems fitting to publish this MOSCOT post on the 4th of July! The United States is famous (and infamous) for its pop culture, sharp accents and eyewear. American at heart, MOSCOT's roots run deep through the urban alleys of New York, having been founded in Brooklyn in 1915.


What started off as a homely local optometrist has flourished into an internationally respected brand, with celebrities like Johnny Depp's iconic MOSCOT look – you'll know it when you see it! 


Despite their worldwide fame, the MOSCOT shop has remained a wholesome family practice, maintaining five generations of MOSCOT men to run the shop from the day the doors first opened. Hyman Moscot, the original MOSCOT man, started his business from a pushcart in 1899 on the streets of New York. Hyman appreciated the sense of community that there was around his first shop, encouraging his sons to get involved from a very young age. He ultimately wanted to care for his community through his craft, creating robust and functional frames for his early-twentieth-century neighbours. 


MOSCOT frames are iconic with their round, square, or cat-eye shapes paired with a retro keyhole bridge: the perfect recipe for an authentic look. Available originally in classic black and tortoiseshell, today, MOSCOT frames are available in a wide variety of colours ready to match the wearer's personality. Each nut, bolt, and rivet on a MOSCOT frame isn't there as a fashion statement, but rather to serve a structural or functional purpose. 


So, there we have it ladies and gentlemen, the perfect blend of structural integrity and funky-fresh straight from New York. Though, this is not where the MOSCOT story ends – they are so much more than glasses!


In the early 2000s, one of the MOSCOT men took to their guitar to pass the time on slow, rainy days in the shop. As this happened more regularly, it morphed into MOSCOT music in just a few years, where up-and-coming artists of New York can debut their talent. MOSCOT music provides a platform for such artists to get their foot in the door of the competitive New York industry. Today when you visit the MOSCOT shop, you will find yourself immersed in New York's underground music scene. 


MOSCOT is putting together an Eye Piece exclusive shop-in-shop to be installed in our upcoming CBD location on Hunter Street. We are expecting nothing less than greatness, as they surely will incorporate bits of urban NYC into the corner of Sydney we call home.