Mr Leight Sydney, Garrett Leight, Oliver Peoples
Mr Leight Eyewear Sydney

MR LEIGHT is a brand for the high-end eyewear enthusiast. The modern consumer is no longer just demanding frames that look good. They are becoming more and more intrigued by the stories behind the brand and the associated quality and pedigree it carries. Much like iconic wristwatches; it is not just about telling the time. Eyewear is no longer just for sight: it is a statement and a talking point.

The heart of the brand MR LEIGHT lies within the origins as a collaboration between Larry and Garrett Leight: a father and son team each with their own successful brands: Oliver Peoples and Garrett Leight. Together they decided to create a collection that respects traditional craftsmanship but embraces innovative technical engineering.  Putting their reputations on the line, MR LEIGHT makes no compromises in design, manufacturing and final product. What emerges from this mind meld is a premium product, meticulously handmade in Japan in limited  quantities featuring custom materials: 12-karat gold plating, hex screws and titanium and pearl nose pads. Purposely devoid of branding or logos, MR LEIGHT frames are designed for those ""who don’t want what all their friends already have”.

In Australia, there are only a select few boutiques chosen to stock Mr. Leight. Our Sydney CBD Flagship boutique is proud to be one of these. Exclusively available to THE EYE PIECE Sydney, visit us in-store or shop online to view this unparalleled range of eyewear.