Nano Magic Anti Fog Glasses Solution

Anti fog glasses

Keep your glasses from fogging up with this antifog glasses solution!

For us glasses wearers, wearing a facemask introduces the annoying situation of our glasses fogging up. No matter how we position the mask, the dreaded fog slowly but surely creeps across our lenses. Most commonly occurring when we're in conversation, this can create an embarrassing situation. We try to take the glasses off to avoid it but ironically without our correction we can't see! We're stuck in no-mans land.

The Eye Piece has found the solution:
Nano Magic.

An anti-fog solution that can be used on all glasses lenses and all coatings.

Powered by Science, up to 300 uses per bottle, apply the solution onto your spectacle lenses and spread evenly.

Guaranteed reduction in fog so that we can focus on the more important things!


How to use?
1. Shake solution

2. Apply 1 drop per lens

3. Spread evenly on lens

4. Buff/clean with microfiber cloth

See video below on how to use!

$25 + Postage ($10)

Click and Collect Available from both Sydney and Wahroonga stores

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Stop glasses form fogging
Nanomagic anti fog solution