Retinal Detacment photo taken on OPTOS Daytona
OPTOS Daytona, Widefield retinal photo

Our eyes may or may not be a window to our soul, but they are most definitely a window to the health of our eyes and the rest of our body.

Most of us know to get an eye test if we are experiencing problems: flashing lights, blurry vision or shadows. This is essential especially if it needs to be treated as an emergency (see photo above of a detached retina). However there are a plethora of eye conditions that start with no symptoms, has the same disastrous impact, but can actually be discovered during a routine eye test.

It's frightening that we could have perfect vision but have a life-threatening tumour growing in the back of our eye. Early signs of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and aforementioned cancers, are frequently picked up during routine eye examinations when patients have come in with no complaints. The responsibility then falls upon optometrists to be thorough during the eye examination and also well-equipped to detect things as early as possible.

This is where our newest piece of technology, the OPTOS DAYTONA  comes into play. Much like the Rolex watch and NASCAR race that shares the same name, the OPTOS Daytona shares the same level of prestige within it's field. It is the premier "Wide-Field" imaging device used by ophthalmologist internationally as a key diagnostic and management tool. Designed to detect eye diseases small and far it's like looking for stars with a telescope vs the naked eye. 

Here at THE EYE PIECE, we have made an effort to invest in this lastest piece of technology so that we can give our patients the piece of mind that comes with a thorough eye examination. Book your eye test today and ask for your WIDE-FIELD RETINAL PHOTO