The Eye Piece strives on providing only the best level of customer service from the very moment you walk in, regardless of the reason for your visit. We endeavour to explore all available options to fulfill your eyewear and eyecare needs. Please find below further information about our specific services. If what you are looking for is not listed below, you are most welcome to contact us or visit one of our boutiques.



First eye test? Seasoned glasses wearer? 

Regardless of your eye history, regular checkups are essential. That's why at The Eye Piece, eye tests are bulk-billed for individuals of all ages and for all concerns big or small. Our job is to gather information about your eyes and present it in a simple and honest manner. We discuss the strengths of your vision, any areas where we could potentially help as well as the overall health and well-being of your eyes. We pay careful attention when looking for eye conditions that may be subtle and present without symptoms. Diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macula Degeneration and even Cancer can be diagnosed in their early stages, therefore reducing the risk of potential vision loss.

Our Optometrists won't just do a quick 5 minute check to sell you some glasses - we will comprehensively check your eyes and answer any questions you may have.  

If you require further testing beyond what Medicare covers: Contact Lenses or Retinal Photography, the Optometrist will discuss the process and costs involved. 



Contact lenses have come a long way from being uncomfortable and drying. Almost every 6 months, a new lens is released on the market, designed to provide more comfort and clarity to the wearer. Depending on each of our individual demands, hobbies or vocation, if the correct contact lens is selected, it can be a huge advantage to the wearer and open up a new way of seeing the world. 

When you have a contact lens fitting with any one of our Optometrists, our goal will be a tailored selection of contact lenses to suit your eyes. We have access to all contact lens suppliers and can choose from a variety of brands, materials, sizes, designs (multi-focal, mono-vision, single vision) and wear types (daily, fortnightly and monthly). We don't use a cookie cutter approach and do not have obligations to specific lenses. We only choose what is best for 'your' eyes. 



Finding a new frame can sometimes be a test in itself. The options can be overwhelming and the idea of choosing something new can be daunting. If you've had an eye test and have embarked on the journey to find a new frame, our team at The Eye Piece can be your perfect guides. We would love to help you choose something you are comfortable with and proud to wear. Many of our customer's wander in with their own prescriptions in search for the "perfect pair" relying on our advice as well as our uniquely curated selection of frames. We specialise in custom orders and picking out the right frame that suits your personality and the style you are looking for. With your prescription, we will be able to make up the lenses and fit them into the frame you've chosen: (Even if you haven't got your prescription with you, we're happy to call your optometrist to get a copy for you).



Glasses frames stay by our side through the highs and lows of our life. The rainy days, the hot sweaty days and the accidental mishaps. Though sometimes unavoidable, buying a new pair of sunglasses or glasses to replace a damaged frame can be heart-wrenching. However, that may not be your only option. Whether it is a simple re-alignment, tightening, replacement of a nose-pad or screw or something more major like replacing lenses or soldering a hinge, these options may bring back to life a beloved pair of glasses. As stockists of independent brands like LINDBERG, MYKITA, IC-BERLIN and CARTIER, we have the option to order original replacement parts. We advise you to bring your glasses into one of our stores and we will be happy to restore them as back to original as possible.



The lenses in your spectacle frame are equally as important or even more important than the frame itself. The choice of lens and accuracy of measurement is critical in achieving optimal vision. The quality of lenses, particularly the coating can be a huge influence on the longevity of a pair of glasses.
Spectacle lenses are often under-appreciated and not well considered. Our stores have access to lenses from internationally recognised companies: HOYA, NIKON and CARL ZEISS: companies at the forefront of the industry. Whether you have a new frame purchased elsewhere or have an old frame requiring new lenses, we are happy to talk you through your lenses and recommend the best option. We fit all lenses on-site which ensures an efficient turnaround (sometimes within 2 business days) and our experienced technicians are able to fit specialised complex frames: LINDBERG, MYKITA and IC-BERLIN. Bring your frames in for a discussion with one of our optical dispensers.