LINDBERG SPIRIT TITANIUM is the premier rimless glasses frame in the optical world. Historically, rimless frames can be quite fragile and requires more care compared to a full metal or plastic frame. The LINDBERG Spirit rimless frame offers a very durable chassis for your lenses so that there is one less thing to worry about. Offered in three different temple variations, this is the BASIC temple.


From one titanium wire, LINDBERG bends the material to create an ultra minimalistic frame free of screws, welds or rivets. It's the closest thing to not having a glasses frame. Available in 26 different colours, the "GT" is LINDBERG's classic gold in a matte finish.


The beauty of a rimless frame is that you are able to customise the lens shape xactly to how you like. We offer a whole range of different options to match the look you are going for, so you are not restricted to the shape in the example above.



Titanium allows for strength, flexibility, durability and also makes the frame hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive. The nose pieces are made of titanium also and utilises medical-silicone pads for added comfort. A LINDBERG frame has no screws, welds or rivets. The hinges are patented and iconic to the design of a LINDBERG frame.



Sizing Details

Lens size: Variable

Bridge size: Large 20mm

Temple: 135mm

Titanium Nosepieces



Please note that price is for Frame/CHASSIS only



SKU: LIN0004
    • Temple: Basic GT
    • Bridge: Colour GT, Large 20mm, Flat Design
    • Titanium adjustable temples
    • Chasis/Frame only (Lens shape not included)
    • Patented LINDBERG screwless hinge
    • Titanium fully adjustable nosepieces
    • Medical-grade silicone nosepads
    • 2 year international warranty