The LINDBERG n.o.w titanium series combines a superthin plastic composite front with ultra-lightweight titanium temples. The success of the NOW series can be attributed to the almost unlimited colour combinations available for customisation as well as it's unmatched comfort. Today we present to you one of our favourites:


Model 6507, in clear (C01) with matte navy (col U13) flat temples. A classic rectangle shape with a transparent front makes for a modern minimalistic look. The deep blue temples add a touch of contrast to take it away from monochrome to create an overall uplifting combination of colours. Available in two sizes: Medium (54) and Large (56). 


The composite plastic front is only 2mm thick and combined with signature LINDBERG titanium temples, this frame is light. Titanium allows for strength, flexibility, durability and also makes the frame hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive. The nose pieces are made of titanium also and utilises medical-silicone pads for added comfort. A LINDBERG frame has no screws, welds or rivets. The hinges are patented and iconic to the design of a LINDBERG frame.


The NOW series appeals to wearers who like a bit of colour but don't want the heavy look or the physical weight of an acetate frame.



Sizing Details:

Medium: 54-16

Large: 56-16

Temple: T802 150mm

Titanium Nosepieces






SKU: LIN0001
    • Available in Medium (54) and Large (56)
    • Front: Colour C01
    • Temples: T802 U13
    • Plastic composite front
    • Titanium adjustable temples
    • Patented LINDBERG screwless hinge
    • Titanium fully adjustable nosepieces
    • Medical-grade silicone nosepads
    • 2 year international warranty