Introducing: HOYA VISUREAL Master at The Eye Piece

Introducing: HOYA VISUREAL Master at The Eye Piece

The HOYA VISUREAL Master appears as just another mirrored surface in our practice. In fact, some may think it looks out of place amongst our floor to ceiling mirrored walls. Do not be deceived however by appearances alone as what lies behind this mirror is the latest tool for the precise measurement of your prescription eyewear.

For all spectacles, regardless of the quality of frame or lens, maximum visual performance lies in the accurate centring and alignment of your prescription lenses to your eyes. This means: no matter how a frame fits you, your lenses should be fitted specifically for where your eyes sit within the frame. This ensures you are looking through the centre of the lens which is critical for all lens types: single vision and especially multifocals.

The new HOYA VISUREAL Master is a highly advanced combination of hardware and software. It is the smallest high-end video centring device on the market today. Armed with six-cameras engineered into an extremely flat mirror case, this device takes a photo of you wearing your new glasses in order to calculate all the necessary frame and facial measurements. No additional cumbersome measurement tools or photographs are required.

How it works: 
  • Customers simply face the mirror at arm’s length, wearing their new frames in their natural posture. And that's it. 

  • The HOYA VISUREAL Master program will then capture two frontal images. These images are assessed and corrections made if necessary.

  • All relevant data is displayed in a clear fashion including box dimensions, distance between lenses, face form angle, pupillary distance (PD), monocular pupillary distance, corneal vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and fitting height.

The Eye Piece Sydney is proud to be the first store in Australia to offer this latest piece of cutting-edge technology. We have always strived for excellent customer service whilst offering only the best quality spectacle frames and lenses. Now with our new HOYA VISUREAL Master, we can craft your glasses in the most precise way possible to guarantee that you'll be happy with your new glasses.


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