Established in rural Japan 1905 in a village city called Fukui. MASUNAGA was initially started to provide jobs and to create an industry for the village people. Today, Fukui is one of the 3 largest cities for optical frame production (along with Italy and China). A one stop production facility, each frame is made with Japanese pure titanium and Japanese acetates, resulting in uncompromising high-quality frames.

MASUNAGA is the only company in Japan that has their own factory for each process: from raw materials through to production and finishing of each frame. Their mission is to "manufacture excellent eyeglasses"

MASUNAGA also has a longrunning collaboration to create glasses with the late designer KENZO TAKADA. Legendary fashion designer and creator of the internationally renowned brand "KENZO" these sunglass and optical frames combine vintage inspired elements with contemporary designs. Details include delicate engravings on the bridge, temples and incorporation of the KENZO Flower family emblem.